Structures Exceeding 4m in Height

Most european venues require drawings and structural calculations for any standfitting that exceeds 4 metres in height.

Once you encounter any design that includes standfitting exceeding 4 metres in height be aware that you will be required to submit further information which will include additional costs affecting your budget.

We can provide and submit drawings and calculations upon your behalf for timber, steel, plastic, octanorm, foga, sodem, trilite, scaffold and most other systems and materials.

What our customers say....

‘We have been working with Don for a number of years now on a variety of different projects. His knowledge of the exhibition sector is yet to let us down. We would thoroughly recommend Don and his team’

Bryan Marriott, Managing Director, Expose Designs

The Technical Details

Once a stand exceeds 4 metres in height it has to withstand an internal draught pressure. This can be likened to a wind blowing through the hall.

So think of your stand as a boat with a sail. How do you stop your boat from sailing across the hall? – you anchor it.

How do you stop your mast from breaking? – you use a section / material that is stiff enough.

How do you stop your sail from tearing? – you use a fabric or material that’s thick enough and tough enough.

So please remember your stand structure is not just standing there. It has be designed to resist all the pressures described above.


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