Do not let the red tape put you off. Let us guide you through all the regulations to ensure a hassle free build.


Have your deck designed, calculated and submitted upon your behalf so organiser and venue approval can be guaranteed. Advice on manufacture, finish, features, feasibility and cost effectiveness given.

Budget costings or firm quotations for design and submission can be promptly offered.

What our customers say...

We have had the pleasure of receiving and compliance checking Don’s project for about 10 years. Accuracy and detail are second to none in our industry, and it is always a pleasure to catch up on site. For us, it is more than reassuring when a client tells us they are using Basecamp for their technical planning.

Chris Simpson, Managing Director, Abraxys Global Ltd

Stairs & Handrails

All types of stairs and handrails with numerous infill panel and fixing proposals can be tailored to suit your stand design.

Canopies, car supports, pylons and decorative metalwork can be catered for.

Multi-lifting plans and method statements can be produced to satisfy CDM, lifting contractors and health and safety limitations.

Site supervision can also be provided to ensure all contractors are working together with a clear blueprint and vision of the end product. As build-up periods become shorter and shorter there is no room for hiccups or hesitation.


As part of our commitment to our clients we openly encourage continued professional development within out team of employees and associates.

We feel that this continued development keeps the work which is produced constantly fresh, innovative and at a standard which will always give our clients optimum satisfaction.

The services offered can range from initial appraisal and recommendations to a fully detailed design service including documentation followed by a back-up service during construction – if this is required by the client.

We are well equiped with versatile IT and CAD systems being able to produce data in a range of formats and languages, giving you the customer a report that meets all of your needs.


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